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Coach training within Worcestershire

Worcestershire has an excellent reputation for delivering coach education courses. You can be assured that the course will be well-run, with all the support and facilities you require, and a wealth of experience and expertise to call upon.

The courses are accredited by Archery GB and follow the coach education syllabus, providing successful candidates with a nationally recognised qualification in archery coaching. 

Session Coach (previously called "Level 1")

The new “Session Coach” qualification replaced “Level 1” in 2020. It is designed to enable coaches at the base level to develop archers beyond their traditional role of introducing beginners to the sport.

Development Coach (previously called "Level 2")

The new “Development Coach” qualification replaced “Level 2” in 2020. Development coaches are designed to be the core of coaching in clubs. They will introduce & promote good basic technique in archers.

County Coach

County Coach courses are designed to deliver performance coaches to coach in clubs around the County, and to interface with the performance & pathway operations run by ArcheryGB

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