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The County Coach Course

Who is eligible?

Any current ArcheryGB Level 2 coach is eligible to apply to train as a County Coach. The Course Tutor will have a conversation prior to the commencement of the course, and reserves the right to reject candidates they feel are unlikely to succeed.

Who is it aimed at?

The course is primarily aimed at enthusiastic Level 2 coaches who want to coach archers to a high level, and become involved with coaching across their county. It is the first step to being a “performance” coach, and can lead to involvement at national level.

What does it involve?

The course is 12-15 full days of lessons, and one day of assessment. In between the candidate will need to develop their performance archer(s), and build up their coaching portfolio. There will be a number of essay-style “homework” exercises which are assessed during the course, and the candidate will be expected to make presentations during the course & at the assessment. All of this will involve working closely with their mentor. 

How much does it cost?

The course fee is around £500, which covers everything you need (except food & travel!) This can normally be be offset by bursaries that are available for these courses. Below are examples (for Worcestershire - other counties will differ):

  • ArcheryGB bursary £200 (to be confirmed)

  • Sports Partnership bursary approx. £200

  • County of Worcestershire bursary: £250

  • West Midlands Archery bursary: £100


So the net cost to the candidate can be as low as £50, although this depends on the generosity of the Sports Partnership.

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