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Information for County of Worcester Coaches

CWAA Coaching Events

Most of the formal coaching events organised by the CCO will be arranged through the EventBrite platform. The icon on the left links to a page listing all the current events.

County Coaching Conference

The CCO arranges an annual “County Coaching Conference” to which all Herefordshire & Worcestershire archers are invited. It is worth CPD points. The more coaches attend & participate, the more enjoyable and  valuable these conferences will be.

Archery GB Coach Licence Renewal CPD Matrix

In order to renew your coaching qualification with Archery GB, you will need to gain a number of CPD points, dependent on the level of your qualification.  This is the document published by Archery GB listing the CPD points available for various activities. Updated May 2015.


Level 1 & 2 (Session and Development) coaches should submit their renewal paperwork to the WMAS Renewals Panel. The CWAA member is our CCO-Education (

County & Senior Coaches should send their renewal paperwork to the Senior Coach Renewal panel - CCO_Education (

Mailing List

In order to assist in communicating with the coaches in Worcestershire, the CCO uses a mailing list to send out useful information to coaches int he county.  Click here to add your details and subscribe to the list, or manage your existing subscription.

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