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Who are we?

The County of Worcester Archery Association is a volunteer organisation, part of the national Archery GB structure, providing support and services to archers in the county of Worcestershire.

What do we do?

We provide archers with support and facilities that many clubs are too small to provide for themselves.  We also provide a line of communication to the sport's national governing body, Archery GB, both directly and through the West Midlands Region committee.  


Among the other things we provide for county archers are:

  • Coach qualification and ongoing training

  • Annual indoor and outdoor championships and rankings

  • County squad training and competition

  • Bursaries and other financial assistance for clubs and individuals

We meet around six times a year, and each County club is entitled to send two representatives to contribute and vote on behalf of their club members.  


Clubs should contact for details.

How can we help?

Your County organisation is here for you.

We are part of the structure of Archery GB (National/Region/County/Club), so if there is something you need, or some way you think you can help, contact your club representative and they will be able to bring your ideas and questions to the County meetings.

Without archers getting involved, there is no way for us to know if we're doing what you want, and equally no way for archers to know be certain that we're not just wasting our time.  So talk to us!

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