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CWAA WA720 August Challenge

Dear Archers,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe. The CWAA will be running a WA720 from 8th August to 23rd August inclusive, this will be open to all archers within the CWAA. The round can be shot multiple times during the period, please only send in your best score. We are calling the event “The WA720 August Challenge”

Gents and Ladies recurve 70m

Gents and Ladies longbow 70m

Gents and Ladies barebow 70m

Gents and Ladies compound 50m (80cm face)

Juniors will shoot Metrics according to their age at the start of the event, for example:

WA60m for U18

Metric 122- 50m for U16

Metric 122- 40m for U14

Metric 122-30m for U12

All junior rounds to be shot on a 122cm face.

It’s the county’s belief that this will be fun and bring a little competition back within our county in these tough times. I would like to ask those clubs who are shooting, if possible, to open your range to other archers who are not as fortunate to have some where to shoot. It’s our aim to bring our archery community together where possible in the safest manner. Most of all, stay safe and support each other, have fun.

Please could you send in your scores (ideally using the spreadsheet below) to me by the latest 29th August.


Scott Potter

Senior Team Manager

CWAA August Challenge 2020 score submis
Download • 23KB

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