County of Worcester Archery Association
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County of Worcester Archery Association


The County of Worcestershire Archery Association is the body that co-ordinates Archery clubs in Worcestershire, and manages County-wide events.

The CWAA exists for two main reasons: to provide archers with support and facilities than can only be provided by a body larger than an individual club, and to form a communication bridge between the clubs and GNAS & West Midlands region.

Hierarchical position.

The CWAA sits between the individual clubs and the regional body, in this case the West Midlands. The hierarchy is thus G.N.A.S. - W.M.A.S. - C.W.A.A. - Club - archer.

Governance & funding

The CWAA is governed by a committee, which meets roughly six times per year. The  officers of the committee are listed in the constitution (down-loadable from the Committee page). In addition, every affiliated club is entitled to be represented by two members, who have voting rights. Finally, all CWAA archers are entitled to attend & vote at the annual  AGM.

The CWAA is funded by a small levy on all affiliated adult archers.


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